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Portable Signs

We now have PORTABLE SIGNS available for rent!Portable Signs

Now only $75.00 per month!

Wait! What?  $75.00 per month.  Is this a special deal?

No, this is our regular price.  Now you still have to buy the insert, but for only a cost of $120.00 a side, who can say no to this deal.

Our portable sign frames are constructed of metal piping and bars to make it sturdy to handle the every changing Canadian weather.  The inserts are a thick 10mm 4′ x 8′ corrugated plastic (coroplast) and they slide right in.

Want something smaller and that will sit in front of your business…?


A-Frame/Sandwich Board Signs

We have a selection of A-Frame signs to choose from.  There are 2 inserts, which can be single sided or double sided.  These signs can be rented or purchased.

Want to find out more…visit our website or visit us at the shop.  You can also reach us by phone or by email.


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