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3D Lettering

If you are searching for Ottawa channel lettering, we can provide you with a visually appealing sign for your business. 

Effective communication about your brand or business vision is extremely important, whether you are a downtown restaurant owner, a Hunt Club florist, or a Kanata dental clinic.  Channel letter signage can make a bold, professional, sophisticated, or fun statement about your business. When it comes to variety there is no shortage of possible options available. For over three decades, we have been creating signs that are outstanding by day and impressive when illuminated by night. Wherever you are located within the Ottawa region a state-of-the-art sign may be the first thing a client remembers about your company or organization. Think of any companies that generally stand out, chances are you can easily imagine their signage. A sign that quickly comes to mind  can also very quickly set you apart from your competition.

What is a channel letter anyway? A standard channel letter is a 3 dimensional sign element. The back of the letter is made with a fabricated aluminum sheet that is cut with a computer controlled router to form the shape of the letter. The sides of the letter, or the returns as they are called, are created by bending strips of the aluminum sheeting around the back. Attaching the returns (sides) to the back forms what is known as the letter can, which may be fitted with LED module lights if illumination is desired. A durable acrylic or polycarbonate face is cut to fit the open letter can to complete the construction of your sign.

Our talented and experienced Carleton Place (a quick 15 minutes west of Ottawa) staff can assist you with your custom sign requirements and decisions. Let us take the guesswork out of signage for you. 

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